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“A photograph doesn’t feel real until it is a tangible physical object I can hold in my hand.”

~ Stephen Johnson


Hey everybody. As most of you know, I'm a big fan of printing out my images, and since Eduardo Acosta turned me onto the FREE PRINTS app, I've been all in with them, taking advantage of my 85 "free" 4x6" prints they offer every month. Truth is nothing in this world is free, and they do get $7 shipping out of you. But really, that still comes out to 8₵ per image, which is great.

Well, it turns out that they have a FreePrints PhotoBooks app as well, and I decided to try it out. I ordered the smallest book they make, which is a 5x7" with 20 pages. It was (of course) FREE, with a $7.99 shipping fee.


Now, what I really dig about this is that it's small, and thin. Some of you have seen that I carry a little album full of 4x6" images on the streets, just in case I get stopped or hassled and somebody wants to know what the hell I'm doing. I can pull out that little folio and they almost always stop complaining and often start getting into it. It's really just a way to show that I'm serious about pursuing some sort of creative activity and not being some weird pervy creep.

The trouble with this old system is that the plastic album, full of 4x6" prints tends to get a bit heavy and bulky. This new book completely replaces that for me, and it's so cheap that I can easily see myself creating a handful of thematic Zines to carry around with me.

If you're into this, check out the apps. Right now this platform is only accessible via iPhone or Android apps (FREE PRINTS and PHOTOBOOKS). They also have a Photo Tiles thing, they do canvas prints, and of course they have paid premium printing services. I think it's worth checking out and I strongly recommend filling up on 85 free prints each month.

Here are a few more pics of the book to give you a sense of quality and size. Sorry about the white balance here. I didn't want to set up a pro product table shoot for this and I was in mixed light.


Image Image Image Image

The book is now available!

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