Europe 2016 – Après nous le déluge

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Episode 2 : Après nous le déluge
This is the second post in a series that I'll be writing to chronicle my photography project through Spain, France, Poland, and the Czech Republic over 3 weeks in the spring of 2016. Click on this TAG to view all of the articles in this series.

This trip has gone a bit differently than I had expected it to.

Kazdyn and I have participated in what was essentially a 19-day photography expedition. For me, a photo-walk normally runs 2-3 hours unless I travel 90 minutes to LA or some such place. In those cases, there will be a 90-minute drive, 3-4 hours of wandering around 2 or 3 locations, and then a 90-minute drive home with lunch or dinner thrown in there somewhere.

Over the past three weeks, we were out of the flat by 9am and hit the town for 12 to 14 hours every day, returning at 10pm or later. We’d crash and get up the next morning to do it all over again.

This was a very intense experience, and has made a significant impact on my photography; my eye, my instinct, and my confidence. I’ll write more about this later in this series.

I expected to come home in the evenings and blog about that day, and it just didn’t happen, and I think that it’s better to have waited on the blogging. I’m just now catching up on fleshing my notes out into articles and uncovering a thematic core from which to tell the story of the trip. I’ve also got something close to 7,000 images still to sort through, pulling picks and processing some highlight images.

I’ll also build some gallery pages to display some of my favorite images from each location. I’ll also be preparing some images that I shot specifically for prints, and I’ll be updating the store in the following weeks.

Here are the major categories:

  1. Barcelona
  2. France - Céret
  3. Poland - Katowice
  4. Poland - Auschwitz
  5. Poland - Ogrodzieniec Castle ruins
  6. Poland - Kraków
  7. Czech Republic - Prague
  8. Candid/Street Photography

Barcelona and Prague will be broken up into sub-categories, such as Old Town Square, The Charles Bridge, Barceloneta, la Boqueria, etc.

Lastly, and just for fun:

I have gathered enough images at this point to publish books on the following three themes:

  • Selfie Sticks and the People Who Love Them
  • iPad as Travel Camera: Civil Disobedience for the 21st Century
  • #asiantourists: Unleashed. Retired. On Tour in the Old World

Bonus supplements:

  • Sir, you can put your GoPro Where the Sun Don't Shine

and the ever popular

  • Screw You and the Segway You Rode In On

Seriously, I have never seen a city so infested with Segway tours as Prague. It’s truly incredible.

Stay tuned, there’s more to come.


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