DTLA Photowalk – Feb 23, 2019

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"…there comes a time in every man's life when he must choose the foundation on which his legacy will be built -- one of compromise or one of blood. "

~ Risotto Groupon

Rick and Morty, The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy.
(Yes, it’s a joke.)

Street Ruckus

Chinatown, Los Angeles.

6 Faces in Chinatown

The one woman looking into the camera is reflected in the shop window.

My Man Pennyloafers

Chinatown, Los Angeles.

A motley crew

There's no fooling the little one. Chinatown, Los Angeles.

Conch Meat

Yum? Chinatown. Los Angeles.

Bloomers, Coke, and Beer

Chinatown, Los Angeles.

Chinese Cuisine, Phoenix Inn

Chinatown, Los Angeles.

Woman and Doll

Avila Adobe, Los Angeles.

A Hard Egg to Crack

Los Angeles.

Reflections Bubble Up

Los Angeles.

Soup and Two Michelobs

My favorite part of this image is the woman at the far left.

LA Diversity

Part of my "The Observer" Series.

Hot Damn

Streets of LA. I actually chased her down for this shot.

LA Super Star Inc.

The best days are definitely behind us.

The Lady in Red

Broadway, Los Angeles.


Downtown Los Angeles. Chinatown.

Our DTLA Photowalk began at Union Station and brought us through Chinatown, towards Disney Hall and the Broad, and finally towards the Grand Central Market.

We ran into rogue street photographer at our first stop into the walk who had some sage advice for us once he learned where we were headed. He'd been working the streets for 6 hours already and informed us that the light was already dead where we were headed, and he suggested that he point the bow towards Chinatown instead, and I'm sure glad we met him. (This is why talking to strangers is a good thing, kids!)

I usually stick by the coast when I'm in LA and I was happy to walk some unfamiliar streets.


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