People are Talking!

  • I attended Chris Foley's Venice Beach, California and Rome, Italy workshops. With loads of energy and enthusiasm, Chris is one of the hardest working guys I know. He is a skilled educator, well organized, and very passionate. With his clear expertise of the camera and of the locations we were shooting, I learned a lot from his workshops. Particularly in Rome, we shot at the historical landmarks and enjoyed very much the walks through neighborhoods and streets off the beaten path. As a long-time avid novice film photographer, Chris helped me move into the digital photography world. As I am most comfortable shooting landscapes and architecture, he helped me ease into street photography and helped me be more confident at it. Tireless, he is always there to support you and answer your questions. Best of all I love his wit and wisdom about him. I highly recommend Chris' workshops. He gets 5 stars on all categories.
    Barbara G.
  • If you are looking for a very cool photo-walk, you have to give Christopher a try. He is adventurous, creative, and innovative in his leading a group through the path ways of the cityscape. His knowledge of how to get the right image with the right timing is a inspiration, with the correct light comes from years of honing his skills with film and digital cameras. Be it Europe or NYC you will value from working with him.
  • You can find instructors anywhere, but finding someone who can work with you and your style of photography and apply it to your location in the moment - well, it is extremely rare. I learned more in a week’s workshop with Chris than months of wandering around on my own and watching DIY videos. Plus, there’s nothing quite like going with someone who knows more than just the “tourist” spots! All-around fantastic experience.
    J Metz
  • I didn’t realize it at the time, but my photography was stuck in a rut. Working with Chris helped elevate my craft and resulted in lasting improvements. I look back on our week together fondly and can clearly see his influence in my photography today.
  • I’ve long been a fan of Chris Foley’s photography and after admiring his work from afar I was excited to have a chance to take his street photography course here on the streets of San Francisco. We spent the day together wandering all over the Mission District. As a relative newcomer to street photography (though a longtime photographer in other genres) Chris was endlessly patient translating complex ideas into easy-to-follow guidance delivered in a lighthearted, friendly manner. As a longtime pro he’s full of lots of great tips that he freely shares in many teachable moments of high impact - ones I remember and use to this day. Chris is a great teacher! I can’t wait til we walk the streets of SF again shooting a whole new set of stories together.
    Chris K
  • I think Chris’s workshops and photo walks are the perfect balance between the technical and creative components of photography. If I need an explanation of a technical element, Chris is right there with a response that doesn’t make my brain explode. If I have a creative issue, Chris offers several ideas, techniques or methods to resolve it. Chris doesn’t give you a fish, he teaches you to fish. And he does all of this in a non-fascist way with a wonderful sense of humor. Chris’s workshops are wonderful way to jump start creativity.
  • Chris is a unique mix of artist, technician and teacher. He understands his equipment in detail, but he's not equipment focused. He's a student of photography (the biggest consumer of photography books I've ever met) who likes to think deeply about what makes an image compelling. But, even with all that, what makes spending time with Chris worthwhile is his patience and his willingness to meet me at the place that I am at, with the right advice to help me move my image making up to the next level.
  • Participating in street photography with Chris has been a great photography experience for me. There is always an interesting theme that Chris proposes to coach us on, allowing me to be among good photographers and to learn to capture through the lens diverse themes such as light and shadows, human expressions and so on. An excellent leader, teacher and fun friend.
  • I am lucky to hang with Chris on his photo adventures. He knows how to break the concepts and ideas, down to simple terms, as he walks with me through my journey as a photographer. I learn something new every time I’m with him. A great teacher, mentor and lot of fun too!
  • I’ve found Chris’s photowalks to be a fun way to learn and really improve my street photography and confidence. He’s great at sharing his extensive knowledge and experience with clarity and patience, making it fun and easy to learn. Spending a few days in a exotic location with Chris will be a memorable, fun and educational experience that’ll improve anybody’s street photography and confidence.
  • Chris Foley loves photography. More importantly- he loves to teach photography. Especially street photography. His enthusiasm is infectious. Walking the streets with Chris during one of his workshops is an uplifting and inspiring experience. Speaking in plain English, Chris works hard at creating a warm and safe environment while making sure everyone's needs are taken care of. Chris offers interesting mini-challenges to introduce new shooting concepts and is quick to answer questions in a non-judgmental way. We all approach street photography with certain natural fears and Chris does a great job of coaching us through these obstacles. He does this by teaching and by setting examples for us to follow so we can naturally step through our psychological barriers. Elevate your street photography game. Invest in one of Chris' workshops. Stretch your mind and your eye.
    Dan Redler
  • I knew a little about photography and how to press the button on my camera, but I had such a blast in this workshop learning how to actually get the picture I wanted and seeing the city from different angles.