How's it going?

I'm Chris Foley,
the Ambulant Photographer.
I'm a storyteller. Hat snob.
Occasional bird-wearer.


I’m a guy with some cameras. I shoot sometimes. I blog sometimes. I write the occasional review. I’m open for interesting collaborations and projects. I wrote a longer bio and it was all pretentious and stupid and I felt like a jerk when I read it back. This one is better.


I make photographs as a way of making sense of the world I live in. It’s really that simple. I shoot for posterity, to keep some sort of record, and I shoot because I love seeing my work on paper. I feel that a photograph isn’t completely alive until it’s on paper.


I’ve currently got three open projects that will probably take me another 5 years to finish, and that’s fine. I don’t do this for a living (thank God.)


I travel when I can and I’m currently obsessed with the California coast, particularly the Santa Barbara waterfront. I’ve put together the Iconic Santa Barbara Collection, and it’s doing pretty well for itself.